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Welcome to Guru Processors, the people who make your raw fabrics spring to life. We are an authentic, zero-reject fabric processing company that values customers’ expectations in every dimension.

Home textiles, garment manufacturers and fabric exporters in India trust us for the highest quality standards we follow and our ability to deliver on time every time. Behind our successes are our vast experience and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and aspirations.

If you have been looking around for an expert, highly competitive, fabric processing contractor; then your search ends here – we process every type of fabrics for a multitude of finishing that meet domestic as well as international market requirements.

Quality Fabric Processing is our

First and Last Obsession

Waste Water System

Green Factory

Social Compliance

Quality Policy

Quality is a sacred word that we guard with utmost zeal. For us quality isn’t just all about meeting specifications and compliances; for us it also includes :


  • Making our customers top priority
  • Maintaining highest standards every endeavours
  • Listening to our Customers patiently
  • Learning from Customer Experience
  • Communicating on Time
  • Commitment to Benchmark Standards
  • Ensuring that Safe product
  • Adopting Safe Manufacturing Practices
  • Clean Healthy Workplace
  • Environmentally Friendly Processes
  • Multi-stage Quality Control & Practices
  • Minimizing waste, water, energy and recycling
  • Regular Improvements to Products
  • Conserving Scare Resources
  • Clean and Transparent Documentation
  • Respect for Law and Compliance
  • Investing in Research and Development

What We Do


Fabric Processing & Finishing