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We know that to be competitive in home textiles market, the quality of fabric you use is an important factor. We mastered fabric finishing technology to give you that cutting-edge advantage exclusive to you.

Our production base is tailored to meet all your fabric needs across different fabric types. It is a unique advantage that our customers appreciate. 

As a manufacturer, we offer different business models.

  1. Supply raw fabrics and we will process it to your specifications
  2. Specify fabrics and we will procure and process as per your requirement
  3. Supply treated fabrics and we will make value additions
  4. Outsource fabrics and we will take care of the Dyeing, Printing & Speciality Finishing work

You will find our services and products extremely useful for production of Home furnishing fabrics, Bedspreads, Blankets, Pillows and pillow covers, Cushion and cushion covers, Carpets and rugs, Wall hangings, Different types of towels, Tablecloth and mats, Kitchen linen and other kitchen accessories.

We are quality conscious fabric business and we follow international standards.