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Home Textile and Garment Washing is an exacting process. Guru Processors is an expert washing-house for fabrics/garments that meet the stringiest specifications to international standards. We offer our valuable customers virtually any washing needs for textiles.

Comprehensive Range of

Washing Services

Our services are comprehensive and meet every requirement. Customers trust us for appearance, comfort, finish and outlook because we put into practice the latest technologies backed by experience.

  1. Enzyme wash
  2. Silicone Wash
  3. Stonewash
  4. Softener wash
  5. Dip wash
  6. High softness wash
  7. Business wash
  8. Crinkling Wash
  9. Waffle finish
  10. Tumble specialty wash
  11. Bio-wash

Washing Cum Extractor

Capacity 50Kgs – 100Kgs
Type of Wash Softener Wash, Enzyme, Bio-Wash ,Panel Washing
  Brand  SUNRISE®

Drum Washing

Capacity 15Kgs, 100Kgs, 200Kgs
Type of Wash High Softness wash, Bio-Wash,
Silicone wash, Stone wash
  Brand  SUNRISE®

Hydro Extractor

Capacity 50Kgs – 100Kgs

Tumble Dryer

Capacity 75Kgs x 6nos
  Brand  SUNRISE®

Business Wash

Capacity 1 Ton

Hot Air Flow Boiler

Capacity 1 Ton